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As a member of LifeSharers you will receive:

  • A LifeSharers donor card - You should sign your card, get it signed by the person who you want to be notified in case of a medical emergency, and carry it with you.
  • A letter to send to your doctors - You should send this letter to each of your doctors to inform them about your wish to donate your organs and to ask them to refer other patients to LifeSharers.
  • A letter to send to your family - You should send this letter to family members to make sure they're aware of your wish to donate your organs and to suggest they consider joining LifeSharers.
  • Language for including in your durable power of attorney for healthcare - You can include this language so that your healthcare proxy will know about your organ donation preferences.


To join LifeSharers, you must accept the following LifeSharers membership agreement:

As a member of LifeSharers, I agree to donate my organs upon my death.  It is my express wish that my organs be donated first to members of the LifeSharers network, unless no LifeSharers member is a suitable match.  For each organ of my body donated, I designate as donee that LifeSharers member who is the most suitable match as defined by the criteria in use by LifeSharers at the time of my death.  I retain the right to donate my organs to members of my family.

I understand that:

  • LifeSharers is a non-profit organization.

  • LifeSharers is not a licensed organ procurement organization.

  • LifeSharers does not guarantee that organs will be available to LifeSharers members or from LifeSharers members.

  • LifeSharers members are not eligible for preferred access to organs from other LifeSharers members until they have been a member for 180 days.

I agree to not hold LifeSharers, its directors, advisors, management, staff, agents, servants, and assigns liable in the event I do or do not receive any organ that becomes available from another LifeSharers member, and further to pay any and all fees, costs, judgments, including attorneys' fees, incurred in any lawsuit or legal proceeding I may bring in connection herewith.

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